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Varroa Control
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Metagenomic analyis of Varroa-infested honey bee colonies


Sofia Levin1, Noa Sela2 and Nor Chejanovsky1


1Entomology Department and 2Department of Plant Pathology and Weed Research, Institute of plant Protection, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel


Varroa destructor infestation of Apis mellifera colonies carries and/or promotes replication of honey bee viruses. Some of them like DWV, VDV-1, KBV and IAPV have been well described and characterized but others  remained unknown. To characterize better the viral population carried and exchanged between V. destructor and their parasitized bees we performed deep sequencing (RNA-seq) from V. destructor from acaricide-untreated parasitized colonies and from their corresponding honey bee hosts.  Metagenomic analysis enabled identification known and unknown viruses of this host-parasite system. The identity and relevance of our findings will be presented in frame of the forthcoming COLOSS meeting.



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