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Characterization of the Slovak bee population using the mtDNA COI–COII intergenic region

Róbert Chlebo1 , Radoslav Židek1, Jozef Čápek1

1 Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia

Studies on the the COI-COII intergenic region was used to analyze population of Slovak bees. All 32 samples of mtDNA demonstrated affiliation to haplotype C, which is typical for the population of Central and Eastern Europe. Genetic methods proved presence of Carniolan subspecies of honeybee (Apis mellifera carnica, Pollmann, 1879) in Slovakia, with a possible drift of genes of Italian race (Apis mellifera ligustica, Spinola, 1806). Dawino method showed high variability within Carniolan breed from 50% to 84%, one sample belonged to Italian breed. Analyse of mtDNA showed considerable variation within each haplotype, consisted of two groups of Apis mellifera carnica 65% and Apis mellifera ligustica 35%. The group of A. m. carnica is represented by haplotypes C2C, C2I, C2E, C2y and C2D and the group of A. m. ligustica by haplotype C1a. 


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