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Iuii Dron

In Ukraine a new type of a beehive called "Ukrainian bdzhilnyk" was created and patented. It consists of a small brood box with 9 - 11 low-wide frames (for example, Dadan type) and a bigger honey super for 14 - 21 frames of the same size. The main peculiarity of this beehive is that the smaller brood box is put inside of a bigger honey super in cold weather on the matryoshka-based principle. The brood box with the upper side slats that serve as hand grips is covered by the plastic sheeting and the top feeder. So the bees' nest is protected with double walls, filled with air in between, besides they don't have any connection elements. Thus, with this structure we achieve better protection of bee families from cold, wind, draughts, noise intrusions, humidity changes, sunshine, etc. That's why, the bees can last through the winter very well, they use food economically and develop intensively in spring.

As soon as the brood box is full, it's installed on the upper side slats in the opening of the bottom of the bigger honey super and thereafter, depending on the weather conditions and intensity receipt nectar, you can add the necessary number of frames into this bigger honey super. The brood box in case of the necessity can be easily removed through the bee-entrance opening. In such a way it's easier to take care of a bee family and to observe its activity. The brood box from the top can be separated by the queen excluder and from the bottom by ventilation grilles. In this position the brood box remains in the shade, it is protected from direct sunlight and is well ventilated. This reduces the threat of swarming.

During the harvest period one or two small supers with 9 - 11 frames (same as the brood box) can be installed above bigger honey super. In this way 2 bee-entrances will be formed.

The author has received two patents for the beehive in Ukraine and has submitted international application No. WO 2012/177231 (published 27.12.2012).

Iurii Dron

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