Amsterdam 2010 Questionnaire online!

Dear Colleagues,

The new COLOSS questionnaire 2009-10 on colony losses has been discussed in
detail at the Amsterdam Workshop in January 2010. Flemming Vejsnæs, Dennis
VanEngelsdorp, Robert Brodschneider and Romée van der Zee took it on them to
finalize the questionnaire, which turned out to be a rather complex issue.

The new questionnaire is attached to this mail. We also provide surveyor
notes which should be read carefully. 
It will now be possible to compare colony losses between countries and we
hope that you will add to this process by providing your own National data. 

Please inform me if you will use the questionnaire for your monitoring. We
will try to stimulate initiatives on joined analysis and publications. 

Best Regards
Romée van der Zee