BEEHAVE honey bee model

Dear colleagues,

 we are pleased to announce that our honey bee model BEEHAVE is now published in the Journal of Applied Ecology ( BEEHAVE simulates the development of a honey bee colony and agent-based foraging of nectar and pollen in a realistic landscape. Varroa mites, transmitting DVW or APV, can be included as well as several beekeeping practices. BEEHAVE is freely available in the article's appendix or can be downloaded from the website It comes together with a user manual and a detailed model description. BEEHAVE is implemented in the free, open source software NetLogo (

To improve the communication among potential users of BEEHAVE, we set up a Facebook page ( and the Facebook group "Beehavers" ( Feel free to share or join the group if you would like to keep updated.


Best wishes,

Matthias Becher and co-authors

BEEHAVE model screen shot.jpg
BEEHAVE-model video clip.mp4