Budget 2009/10

Budget 06.2009-05-2010:

Since we are facing severe budget constraints, not all envisaged acitvities can be funded. 

1. Conferences (incl. MC meetings): in the future, we will only have one general assembly (conference, incl. MC meeting) per year, which will foccus on losses overviews, organisational matters and budget relevant decisions within the COST Action. 

2. Participation at meetings: not everybody can be reimbursed. We will therefore reimburse only people who actively participate and will also have to use rotation based criteria for future meetings. 

3. Work shops: from the large number of suggested work shops, we had to select five with a high priority: 

    • A. WG 2, 3, 4: Standardisation of methods I (hoarding cages & stress factors at the colony level) (no volunteer yet for local organisation) 
    • B. WG 4: Standardisation of methods II (vitality testing of colonies at a European level Biological control of Varroa development) (organised by Dr. Ralph Büchler & Marina Meixner) 
    • C. WG 2: Nosema (organised by Dr. Mariano Higes & his team) 
    • D. WGs 2, 3, and 4: Additive effects (pesticides + X) (no volunteer yet for local organisation) 
    • E. WG1: Diagnosis of honeybee diseases (no volunteer yet for local organisation) 
The other suggested work shops (Varroa, viruses, etc.) will be postponed. Information on the work shops will be posted by the local organisers. For each work shop, we are able to devote 10'000.- € support from the COST Action. People who are volunteering to organise work shops A, D and E, please contact the respective WG organisers or myself.

4. STSMs: most unfortunately, only 4 STSMs can be funded. Further information will be provided by the STSM manager. I do hope that we will be able to get more funding which appears crucial. After the COST progress report meeting in Prague, I will give you an update. Yours sincerely, Peter Neumann, Action Chair