Intern for Honey Bee Dietetics

Gray Summit, MO


The honey bee nutrition project is a relatively new initiative for Purina. As our research expands we are looking for help carrying out the various studies. I am seeking an intern who can contribute their skills to our group.  Experience with beekeeping is not required, however an interest in learning about honey bees and willingness to work with bees is necessary. We are looking for an undergraduate, or graduate student who has a strong laboratory bench skills. Specifically the candidate will have some level of experience with protein quantification and analysis, such as The Bradford Protein Assay (BCA), Western blot, or ELISA. This is preferred but not required.

The internship will comprise of mainly laboratory work including but not limited to studying honey bees in the lab, maintaining a research population of honey bees in the lab, insect dissections, sample taking, labelling, and storage. The candidate will be counted on to record and enter data.

Protein-related assays will be performed on honey bee samples in our Health lab, where technical experience as previously mentioned, will be extremely important.

While the majority of work is anticipated to be indoors for this position, there may be times when field work is necessary. An interest in gaining field experience, and or learning about beekeeping and honey bees would be encouraged by this team and any additional experiences the candidate would wish to gain outside of lab work would be accommodated time allowing.

This position is to begin on a part time basis ASAP but could potentially extend to up to 40 hours per work during peak times: mid-summer/ late summer/early fall and will terminate on November 30.  If interested please contact Grace Kunkel at

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