STSM applications for 2011

Copy of an e-mail by Tjeerd Blacquière
Hello Coloss members,
Herewith I open a call to apply for STSM's in 2011. At the meeting in Ankara it was decided that for STSMs in 2011 a budget of € 9000,-- will be allocated. If we do again restrict the STSM's to € 1000,-- each, we could therefore grant 9 STSMs. It was then decided to allocate € 2000,-- per working group, only WG 3 was awarded € 3000,--.
For information about STSMs please consult the COST vadamecum.
Everybody who wants to make a STSM in 2011 should now apply, by using and filling out the attached form, and SEND IT TO ME BY: 12 DECEMBER, 2010.
On 13 Dec I shall collect the applications and send them to the Working Group leaders, to decide which of applications should be granted and which not. Please bear in mind that especially Early Stage Researchers are encouraged to apply!
From 20 November till 12 December I will be in Africa, and generally not read my E-mail. Therefore please do not send E-mails with lots of questions: most of the info needed can be found in the COST vadamecum. Until sofar you ONLY need to send the form to me. No registration of the STSM in E-COST is yet needed.
Good luck with your plans and applications,
Kind regards,
Tjeerd Blacquière, STSM manager of COST FA 0804

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