3.2.6. Dissection of the laying worker (Plate 17)

See note on obtaining material in section 3.1.4. Laying workers should be dissected when freshly killed, or within two or three days after preservation, or the ovaries will become too brittle to handle.

1. Remove the roof of the abdomen.

If the crop is full and the ovaries are well developed, the anterior extremities of the ovaries may be seen crossing the crop, but this is not usual.

2. Proceed as though dissecting out the ovaries of a normal worker (see section The laying worker's ovaries are much more easily seen, as the ovarioles contain strings of eggs.

3. Break the tracheae binding the ovaries to the alimentary canal.

4. With care, remove the alimentary canal without tearing the ovaries apart, and they are then displayed as shown in Plate 17.