The reproductive apparatus

1. Lay out the testes, as shown in Plate 14 (where only one testis is drawn).

If they are not very gently handled, they will break off at the vasa deferentia.

2. Grasp the ventriculus with forceps and draw it out backwards until the crop appears.

3. Cut through the oesophagus with scissors, also through the rectum.

4. Remove the alimentary canal.

5. Flush out the abdominal cavity with clean dissecting fluid from the pipette.

This exposes the rest of the reproductive apparatus.

6. Identify the parts flagged in Plate 14.

The whole of the apparatus can be removed for more detailed examination by cutting through the body wall, round the genital aperture, with the point of the knife. It can then be lifted out, very gently to avoid damage, fixed in formol-alcohol, and preserved.