Mature drone

1. Catch a flying drone on the alighting board of a hive or at a DCA (see section 13.4. of the BEEBOOK paper on behavioural methods (Scheiner et al., 2013)).

2. Kill it (see section 2.1.2. on immobilising, killing and storing adult Apis mellifera in the BEEBOOK paper on miscellaneous methods (Human et al., 2013)).

3. Cut off the everted endophallus.

4. Mount the insect for dissection.

5. Remove the roof of the abdomen.

6. Look for the testes, now shrunken to mere yellowish or greenish scales.

7. In the second stage of the dissection, compare the condition of the rest of the apparatus (except the endophallus, which is now outside the body) with that of the immature and maturing drone. The ejaculatory duct will be seen passing out through the genital aperture.