12.4.2. Location of scanners

This RFID system provides a limited reading distance. Thus, the tag needs to be aligned in the correct position for the scanner to register it effectively. The setup requires custom-made bee tunnels in front of the hive entrance. Above these tunnels, the scanners are mounted. Despite this setup, registration errors may occur due to non-detections of bees during the scanner passage. They should be estimated for each experiment. It is essential that the tunnel design is adjusted to ensure that bees pass directly below the scanner with the dorsal side up. This helps to reduce non-detections and yields consistent data files. However, occasionally single readings may be missed, necessitating software filter routines for passage interpretations. Additional care is required if absolute precision is essential. A sufficient number of tunnels, depending on the size of the colony, should be used in order to avoid overly crowding in times of high traffic, each tunnel being monitored by a separate scanner.