12.4.3. Attaching the RFID tags to the thorax of a bee

1. Immobilize the bee (see section 2.2) or trap it in a queen-marking tube (see section 11; Fig. 24B).

2. Glue the tags onto the bees either using gum arabic (Decourtye et al., 2011), or using a non-toxic shellac-based, viscous adhesive (Streit et al., 2003; Schneider et al., 2012).

3. Apply a thin layer of liquid shellac (e.g. Lumberjack Schellack-Streichlack-natur, Alfred Clouth Lackfabrik GmbH&Co., Offenbach, Germany) with a fine brush; this coats the surface of the thorax and removes hair and wax residues which might impede the adhesion.

4. Apply a drop of the viscous shellac-based adhesive onto the coated thorax and immediately press the tag gently on the glue.

5. Allow about 15 - 20 minutes for the adhesive to dry.

6. Remove the plunger and release the bee into the marking tube.

7. Make sure the bee is unable to remove the tag on its own before you release it from the marking tube.