13.4.1. Material for balloons and drone traps

  • Weather balloons (natural colour), of 200 g or 300 g weight (depending on the weight of the drone trap that is to be lifted (Fig. 30).
  • A 50-m kite line and a kite winder (for about 50 kg) (Fig. 31A).
  • A helium tank with a regulator filler valve including a gauge to inflate balloons (Fig. 31B).
  • A hand truck for moving helium tanks securely (Fig. 31C).
  • Several ball-bearing snap swivels (for about 50 kg, shops for kite or fishing supplies).
  • Queen in cage and/or queen dummies with queen pheromones, bee boost.
  • Fly catcher paper ribbon to trap drones for dead drone samples.
  • White nylon net to trap live drones:
  • Wedding veil with a wide mesh diameter to limit wind resistance (in craft or fabric stores). Stainless steel wire (diameter 0.014 cm).
  • Lead containing white cotton bead (drapery store).
  • Blackened cigarette filters or black wooden sticks of about the same size as drone decoys.
  • Clear nylon monofilament fishing line.

Fig. 30. Weather balloon with drone trap.

1293PN revised Fig 30


Fig. 31A. Kite line winder. B. Helium valve with gauge. C. helium tank with hand truck.

1293PN revised Fig 31