13.4.2. Components for a stable platform in the height of flying drones

The components for constructing the basic mast to hold a rotating platform are given below. Many parts fixed to the rotating platform differ depending on the research, the maximal flight speed of drones, the choice tests (visual stimuli, pheromones etc.), the drone competition, etc.

You will need the following components:

  • Collapsible mast 8 to 12 m high: 4 to 6 steel pipes each 200 cm by 10 cm (Fig. 32A).
  • Base to fix the mast.
  • Tilt mechanism.
  • Electric motor.
  • Several aluminium pipes, 200 by 1 cm as rotating bars.
  • Rotating platform on top of the motor to fix aluminium pipes.
  • Camera or video cameras at your choice (Fig. 32B).
  • Battery.
  • Electric cables.
  • Tent guys, tent pegs, screws or other tools for safety device of the mast.

A locksmith (metal worker) is needed to construct the different parts of the mast.

Any live queen older than 10 days, including those that are several years old, will attract drones. The queens are maintained in nukes near the laboratory. For the duration of an experiment, they can be kept in a queen cage with candy and 3 worker bees. Various queen models (black wood, queen carcass etc.) can be affixed to the cage. (Gary and Marston, 1971).

Fig. 32A. mast to measure flight speed of drones. B. basic equipment for photographing queens and pursuing drones.

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