2.3.2. Care and observation of explanted material

1. On second day, transfer all floating material into a new plate (=> P1) with all previous information from P0 source plate (new date).

2. The P1 samples will all be transferred to a new plate, 4 days post being created (=> P2).

3. The original plates P0 can be observed and cells should be visible attached to substrate. Floating material will look good, and viable.

4. Medium in wells should be above halfway full, and lids parafilmed around edges to reduce vapour loss.

5. Change half the medium AmWH5 once a week (but can push out to 10-12 days at first).

6. Once cells attached, or fatbody cells increasing, change medium AmWH5 once a week.

7. Cultures may be kept on counter top at 18-25°C. Increasing temperatures did not show any increase of cell growth (27-31°C).