Probe electrodes

A probe electrode is similar to a two-pronged fork with blunt flat tips (Fig. 5b). The probe is metallic and often made of silver or gold. An excised antenna or chemosensory organ is mounted across the prongs and held in place using conducting gel (Spectra 360 Electrode Gel). Modified versions of this electrode include the:

  • Tetraprobe with a single base electrode and four (4) different recording electrodes which can be used to mount several antennae of the same insect species in tandem (Syntech).
  • Quadroprobe similar in design to the Tetraprobe but with a detachable probe end which is useful in mounting several antennae from different insect species (Syntech).


Fig. 5b. Gel electrodes and probe. Electrodes vary in their sizes fitting both large and small antennae or chemosensory organs.