Dissection and sample preparation

  1. Chill freshly collected bees on ice prior to dissection.
  2. Dissect the exocrine glands under a stereo microscope (X20) using the medium specified below (see section
  3. Wash the glands twice in fresh medium.
  4. Transfer 1 or 2 glands to 80 - 100 µl medium supplemented with a labelled precursor (1µCi [1-14C] sodium acetate. An aliquot of Ethanolic solution of sodiumacetate , 1µCi/gland, is dispensed to a vial, ethanol is evaporated to dryness under N2  prior to addition of the incubation medium (56 mCi/mmol, Perkin Elmer).
  5. For best results, worker glands should be incubated in pairs whilst the queen gland can be individually incubated (see section for incubation medium preparation).
  6. Incubate glands at 39 °C, for 4-20 hours.