6.1.2. ArcCatalog

ArcCatalog (Fig. 11) is where GIS data can be searched for, previewed, and managed. Also, some ArcToolbox tasks can be performed and visualized, but not overlaid with other layers like in ArcMap. Since ArcGIS version 10.0, a more compact version of ArcCatalog can also be accessed directly in ArcMap. ArcCatalog should be used when geographic data are added, moved, or deleted from GIS in order to avoid losing important file extensions (e.g. the geographic reference, see section 3.1 for more information). To open ArcCatalog: Start menu > All programs > ArcGIS > ArcCatalog 10.1.

Fig. 11. An overview of ArcCatalog showing a preview of the aster30_frib_ch_FR.tif Digital Elevation Model (DEM).