6.10.4. Advanced symbolization

In this step, the statistical results of the case study will be symbolized using pie charts.

  1. To begin, open the layer properties of colony_locations.shp.
  2. Open the Symbology tab.
  3.  Choose Charts and make sure Pie is selected.
  4.  Add the MEAN attributes (including LC_other) to the Symbol/Field box. Change the colours to correspond with the original land cover values (Fig. 64).
  5.  Click OK.
  6. Now label the colony locations to denote the FID identifier number (see above).

The map should now look something like Fig. 65, which is the data in Data View. Maybe you will notice that FID 16 is missing. Because of the error we encountered earlier, it did not get symbolized or labelled.

Fig. 64. The creation of pie charts in the colony locations layer properties symbology tab.


Fig. 65.
The resulting pie charts shown on top of the commune layer. Reproduced with permission of Swisstopo (BA13016).