6.10.5. Final map preparation

Now we will put the finishing touches on the map in Layout View. For the final map the pie charts and communes will be displayed with the background of the DEM and the hillshade for terrain visualization.

To finalize the map:

  1. Turn on the commune_boundary_FR, colony_locations (symbolized as pie charts), hillshade, and DEM layers in the TOC.
  2. Go into Layout View (bottom left hand corner of the map window).
  3. The page size is automatically set to normal printing page size. To change the page size, go to File.
  4. Select Page and Print Set-up.
  5. Uncheck Use Printer Paper Settings.
  6. Insert your own values for the width and height of the page (22 x 24 cm were used here).
  7. Click OK.
  8. Rescale the data frame (dotted green line) to fit inside the page border (solid black). Leave some white space between the data frame and the page border to insert a grid later.
  9. Right-click the colony locations layer.
  10. Select Zoom to layer to focus the map on this layer.
    Remember to use the standard tools to zoom in and out on the data, and the layout tools to zoom in and out on the page.
  11. Play around with the transparency values of the layers to make a nice end product. Go to Properties.
  12. Select the Display tab.
  13. Insert a value between 0 (no transparency) and 100 (completely transparent).