6.3.4. Layer organisation and navigation

It is essential to have some basic knowledge about layer organisation and navigation in order to optimize the map display (e.g. to change the order and how layers are drawn in the Data View) and to preserve a good organisation among all the different data, intermediate calculation results and map elements, especially for a growing GIS project with many layers. In ArcMap, the layers will be displayed on the map in the same order as in the TOC. In Fig. 13 for example, the colony_locations layer is above commune_boundary_FR and aster30_frib_ch.tif layers therefore everything can be seen clearly, since we made the commune boundaries hollow. If the DEM was at the top of the layer list in the TOC then the other two layers would be hidden. At the top of the TOC there are five icons text icon09 which allow different views of the data in the TOC. To rearrange the layers in the TOC, select the first icon (List by Drawing Order) and click and drag the layers to their new positions. The layers can be turned on and off by checking or unchecking the box beside the layer.