Select by location

Now two layers will be used to select the communes which have colonies inside them. To do this (Fig. 21):

  1. Go to Selection.
  2. Choose Select by Location.
  3. Choose the Selection method: select features from the target layer: commune_boundary_FR.
  4. Select the Source layer: colony_locations.
  5. Select the Spatial selection method: intersect the source layer feature (this tool has various options for spatially querying data and applying search distances to discover geographic relationships).
  6. The selected results: 11 records out of 51 (Fig. 22), meaning 11 communes had colonies inside their boundaries.

Fig. 21. The Select by Location dialog box which shows that the features will be selected from the commune boundary layer where the layer intersects with the colony locations layer.

Fig. 22.
The results of the Select by Location query (Fig. 21) which show the selected communes that intersect with colony locations, thus, all the commune polygons with colony location points inside of them. Reproduced with permission of Swisstopo (BA13016).