6.4.3. Attribute table data editing

Not only can the attributes of layers  be displayed and used for selection, but they may also be changed or removed. The data in tables can be edited and new fields can be added and populated.  The attribute table for the colony_locations layer has two fields with no data in them. To populate information about the site location and the apiary number (as examples), the table can be edited.

To edit attribute tables:

  1. Right-click the colony_locations shapefile.
  2. Go to Open Attribute Table.
  3. Open the Editor toolbar.
  4. Go to Customize.
  5. SelectToolbars.
  6. Select Editor.
  7. From the Editor toolbar, select Editor.
  8. Select Start Editing.
  9. Choose the colony_locations layer to be edited.
  10. Click OK.
    Previously the column names in the attribute table were grey; when in editing mode they will turn white which means they are editable (Fig. 24).
  11. Click in the cell to edit and type the information. Information can be manually typed or if the information exists in a text file, copy and paste them into the table while in editing mode.
  12. Periodically save your edits: Click Editor.
  13. Click Save Edits.
  14. Click Editor again.
  15. Click Stop Editing to end the editing session.

Fig. 24. An example of table editing using the Editor toolbar. Information has been added to the colony locations point file by manually typing the information into the attribute table.