6.5.2. Intersect

The Intersect (Analysis) tool computes a geometric intersection of the layers. Only those input features which overlap will be included in the output layer. This tool is useful for connecting multiple layers and joining their attributes together, by discarding the portions which do not overlap. In the next example, we will intersect the colony_locations layer (colony locations) with the colony_commune layer so that the intersected layer will have the point locations but also the commune information for each point. To use the intersect tool (Fig. 26):

  1. Open the Search window text icon16.
  2. Type “intersect” (or browse to Analysis Tools > Overlay > Intersect in the ArcToolbox).
  3. Choose the Intersect (Analysis) tool.
  4. The Input Features will be all of those to intersect, in this case the colony_locations and colony_communes layers.
  5. Save the output as intersect.shp.
  6. Leave the defaults for the rest of the options.
  7. Click OK.

In this case, the resulting geometry of the point file has not changed, but the attribute table of the intersected layer now includes the colony locations and commune information (Fig. 27).

Fig. 26. The dialog box of the Intersect tool.


Fig. 27.
The attribute table showing the results of intersection between the colony_locations and colony_communes layers.