6.9.2. Adding vector layer and changing document properties

Since the CLC06 layer covers all of Europe, it should first be clipped to the extent of the required study area using the Clip (Data Management) tool so that map rendering is less time consuming in the next steps. This process can also be conducted using the Extract by Rectangle (Spatial Analyst) tool. We will use the commune_boundary_FR.shp to define the output extent of the clipped land cover raster layer so add the layer to the map now. Note: because the first map layer which was added to the document (g100_06.tif) was in the ETRS89_ETRS_LAEA coordinate system, the *.mxd properties automatically take on the properties of that coordinate system. For that reason, you will get a pop-up warning when you try to add layers from the Swiss coordinate system. The warning will state that there may be a problem because a layer with a different coordinate system is being added. Close the warning and change the document properties:

  1. Go to menuView.
  2. Select Data Frame Properties.
  3. Open the Coordinate System tab.
  4. Manually change the coordinate system to CH1903 LV03 (same path as step 10).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Save the *.mxd to keep these changes (File > Save As…).

Now the map document coordinate system corresponds to the data being used in the Swiss projection. Next we will clip to the extent of the study area.