6.9.3. Clipping to study area extent

  1. Open the Clip (Data Management) tool (Data Management Tools > Raster > Raster Processing > Clip).
  2. Input Raster: g100_06_ch1903.tif.
  3. Output Extent: commune_boundary_FR.shp. The X and Y maximums and minimums will be automatically populated based on the output extent layer.
  4. Check the Use Input Features for Clipping Geometry option.
  5. Save the Output Raster Dataset as g100_06_ch_FR.tif.
  6. Change the NoData Value to 9999 (Fig. 49).
  7. Click OK.
  8. Turn off the g100_06_ch1903.tif and commune_boundary_FR.shp layers (uncheck in TOC).
  9. Right-click the g100_06_ch_FR.tif layer.
  10. Select Zoom to layer to view the result (Fig. 50).

Fig. 49. The dialog box from clipping the Corine land cover (CLC06) layer to the extent of the Fribourg commune layer.


Fig. 50.
The result of the clip performed in Fig. 49. The land cover layer is now clipped to the extent of the Fribourg commune layer.