6.9.5. Selecting and labelling land cover values

Now we will remove the land cover values which are not within our study area in order to further optimise the data to fit our needs.

  1. Open the properties of the lceugr250_00_pct.tif layer.
  2. Open the Symbology tab.
  3. Manually select and remove all values which have a “0” Count value (use the Ctrl button on the keyboard to select more than one at a time) (Fig. 51).
  4. Click OK. This leaves 14 values in that layer.

 Now open the excel file from the previously unzipped folder (clc_legend.xlsx) so the land cover names can be added as labels to the codes. This step is not completely necessary but it adds another element to the data. For each code, find the corresponding name (“Label 3”) and add it to the TOC by slowly right-clicking the code and pasting the name beside (Fig. 52). In the following tasks we will make use of the code numbers and names which were just added  manually as labels.

Fig. 51. The Symbology dialog box of the land cover layer with a set zero values selected to be removed.


Fig. 52.
The TOC displaying the codes and names of a set of land cover values.