7.10.2. Print composer

The Print Composer is the main mapping program within QGIS, equivalent to the layout view of ArcMap (see section 6.10.1.). 

  1. Click File.
  2. Select New Print Composer and a new window opens.
  3. Select Layout.
  4. Choose Add Map in the menu on top.
  5. Draw a rectangle to the map canvas below to define the map position.


Within the Item Properties to the right you can now see the dimensions and the scale of your map. To get familiar with the Print Composer (Fig. 121), look at all the buttons on top and try to:

  • Move or change the map extent using the Select/Move Item button text icon33
  • Move the map content within the frame with the Move Item button text icon34
  • Save the current map as template using the button  text icon35 .

A map like this may be suitable for certain tasks, but it is not complete. In the next section, it will be shown how additional map elements can be added.

Fig. 121. The QGIS Print Composer.