7.3.4. Layer organisation and navigation

Managing layers with QGIS is very similar to ArcGIS, thus the following hints are complementary to sections 6.3.4. and 6.3.5:

  • The drawing order of one specific layer relative to the others can be changed in the Map Legend (Fig. 68): click on the layer and hold the left mouse button to move layers upwards or downwards in the hierarchy.
  • Within a large project it is recommended to make groups (right-click on the Map Legend > Add New Group), to be more flexible to turn a whole group of layers on and off together, for instance, or to get more space in the layer hierarchy by collapsing multiple legends.
  • To avoid losing the most important buttons and menus, have a look at the main menu View > Panels and View > Toolbars: Here you can enable additional panels to the QGIS GUI (e.g. the Overview or the QGIS Browser window) and show or hide several toolbars and buttons (the most essential toolbars are Attributes, File, Manage Layers and Map Navigation).

To achieve a good visualization result, changes in the layer Layer Properties are often required – the topic of the following section.