7.6.2. Clip

See section 6.5.1. for a description of the Clip tool. As an example, the clip operation could be performed between the honey bee locations and the commune of Fribourg.

  1. Activate the layer commune_boundary_FR.shp in the Map Legend.
  2. First select the polygon that represents the city of Fribourg (“BFSNR” = 2196) with an appropriate selection tool (see section 7.4.).
  3. Open the Clip tool, go to Vector.
  4. Select Geoprocessing Tools.
  5. Choose Clip.
  6. Choose the point layer containing the honey bee colony locations as Input vector layer and the polygon layer as Clip layer.
  7. Make sure that the checkbox the Input Vector Layer Use only selected features (with this the operation could be performed on a selection of features only) remains blank (there is no selection), and that the one for the Use only selected features Clip Layer (beneath) is checked (Fig. 96).
  8. Launch the Clip operation by clicking OK.
  9. Click YES to confirm loading the newly created vector layer (containing only 3 points) to the project.


Fig. 96. Clip the honey bee locations to the boundaries of the city of Fribourg.