Hillshade rasters are useful for determining which areas on the terrain are shaded from the sun and which are not and are calculated from a DEM (see section for further information about the tool.

To calculate the hillshade based on a DEM:

  1. Go to Raster.
  2. Select Terrain analysis.
  3. Choose Hillshade.
  4. Select the DEM as the input raster.
  5. Specify an output (raster) layer.
  6. Choose reasonable values for the horizontal and vertical angle of the illumination (in degrees), the Z factor can usually stay at 1 (otherwise the terrain will be super-elevated when working in a CRS).
  7. Click OK.
  8. Adapt the raster symbolization if necessary (Layer Properties > Symbol, notice that the results are shown in degrees (Fig. 104)).

Fig. 104. Hillshade tool to create shaded relief rasters based on a DEM.