7.9. Case study – zonal statistics with land cover properties

Until now, several concepts and tools in QGIS have been introduced. Now, to combine some of the different tasks discussed, a case study will be presented. Within this short case study, geostatistical relationships between honey bee colonies and land cover properties will be calculated. The content of this case study is equal to the one for ArcGIS (see section 6.9.), but adapted to the tools of QGIS. The prerequisites for this case study include an opened QGIS project (see sections 7.3.1. and 7.3.3.) with a point vector layer (e.g. the honey bee colony locations bees_colony_locations.shp, created in section and a buffer polygon layer (e.g. bees_colony_locations_buffer.shp, created in section 7.6.1.). For more information about this case study see section 6.9.

7.9.9. Joining attributes from other vector layers