7.9.1. Downloading and extracting

First we need land cover information for the region around Fribourg. If you have already downloaded the CLC06 dataset for the ArcGIS case study (see section 6.9.), skip the following paragraph and continue with step 4.

  1. Download the dataset g100_06.zip (CLC06 – 100 m) from the website http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/corine-land-cover-2006-raster-2  to a local directory (e.g. on the Desktop).
  2. Unzip the file g100_06.zip with a file archiving program of your choice (if you need additional software for this task, the program “7-zip” is a good choice: www.7-zip.org) into your QGIS working directory (e.g. “BeeBook_data”).
  3. Navigate to the raster g100_06.tif in QGIS Browser to open the tab Metadata. For a first visual impression of the data, you can also check out the Preview tab.

From step 3 you see that CLC06 is a 1 band raster dataset with 8 bit unsigned integer values (that correspond to different land cover categories) at 100 m horizontal resolution. Because it covers all Europe, the CLC06 raster is quite big and the rendering on the screen may take some time. We will improve the performance by clipping on the extent of interest (see steps 15-22).