7.9.7. Visualisation of attribute values

The proportion of the three land cover categories can be used for any symbolisation and vector calculation, but also visualized within a simple chart:

  1. Open Plugins > Chart Maker > Chart Maker. If you don’t see this entry, you probably have to install or enable first the Chart Maker plugin (see section 7.1.3.).
  2. Select the Vector layer bees_colony_locations_buffer.shp.
  3. Set the attribute fields for the X and Y axis you want to display (e.g. the ID for X and a land cover percentage for Y).
  4. Click Plot chart and look at your chart.
  5. Feel free to display all land cover categories you have processed by incrementing the number of series (see Fig. 115).
  6. If you want, you can save the chart as picture file.


Fig. 115. Visualising the percentage of different land cover categories within the honey bee buffers.