1.1. Applications

The technique of I.I. enables controlled mating of honey bees and provides the capability to create crosses beyond what might occur naturally. Novel crosses can be created to advance research and breeding efforts.

  • A single drone can inseminate one or even several queens to isolate, enhance, and select a specific trait, which may not be expressed due to the effects of a queen naturally mating with many drones
  • Semen from hundreds of drones can be pooled to inseminate a group of queens, which increases the uniformity and effective breeding population size for stock improvement and maintenance purposes
  • Varying degrees of inbreeding can be created, including “selfing”: the mating of a virgin queen to her own drone sons
  • Provides the ability to store honey bee semen. Semen viability can be maintained at room temperature for a few weeks, for convenience in insemination scheduling and the transport of semen