Collecting flying adult workers of an undefined age for laboratory experiments using the Bologna Trap

  1. Fix the trap, without the collection container, to the hive for at least 5 days before collecting workers to accustom the colony to the device. Acceptance of the trap can be verified when undertaker workers remove dead individuals from the trap. The trap can remain installed on the hive for the entire season, apart from when cleaning and repairs are required.
  2. When experimental workers are needed, observe the hive entrance for 2-3 minutes, noting the number of exiting workers, to estimate approximate length of time collection is needed.
  3. Install the collection container to the distal end of the funnel (Fig. 8)
  4. When the appropriate number of flying workers are collected (Fig. 9), remove the collection container quickly and seal it (Fig. 10).
  5. Transfer collected workers by gently shaking the collection container over an open hoarding cage containing food (as discussed in sections 5 and 7)
  6. Transfer the hoarding cage to a laboratory incubator maintained at conditions discussed in section 6.


Fig. 8. A Bologna Trap with a ventilated collection container installed on the foreground colony to obtain exiting honey bees.

Figure 8


Fig. 9. A ventilated collection container obtaining flying workers exiting the hive. Note that the bottom of the container is replaced with a fine mesh that is held in place using an elastic.

Figure 9


Fig. 10. Removing the collection container filled with exiting honey bees from the Bologna Trap.

Figure 10