5.3.2. Examples of hoarding cages in which to maintain adult workers in the laboratory

Classic hoarding cages are shaped similar to frame cages, and also contain one or two sides that may be removed (Fig. 13), although other designs exist that are cup-shaped (Fig. 14) or are modifications of the classic design with the cage rested on its side so that the top is removable (Figs. 15 and 16).

Fig. 13. Examples of ‘classic’ hoarding cages equipped with transparent and removable sides, ventilation holes, and multiple inputs for feeding devices. Cages courtesy of the Swiss Bee Research Centre (left) and INRA (right).

Figure 13

Fig. 14. Cup-shaped hoarding cage with removable base, multiple ventilation holes, and two feeding devices. Modified from Evans et al. (2009). Cage courtesy of ScientificBeekeeping.com.

Figure 14

Fig. 15. Hoarding cage containing removable top, and multiple ventilation holes and feeding device inputs. Cage courtesy of Szent István University.

Figure 15

Fig. 16. Magnification of the sliding, removable top of the cage presented in Fig. 15. Note the removed corner to facilitate addition or removal of honey bees. Cage courtesy of Szent István University.

Figure 16