Providing sucrose paste to caged adult workers in the laboratory

Although it is used less frequently during laboratory assays compared to sucrose solutions (e.g. Maistrello et al., 2008; Alaux et al., 2009), sucrose paste is often provided to queens and accompanying nurses that are maintained in cages in a laboratory. Because it is a solid, the paste should be provided using devices designed for protein distribution, as explained in section 7.3.2. Water should also be given in a separate feeder when sucrose paste is the sole source of carbohydrates; refer to section 7.5. for details on providing water to caged workers.

         To make 100 g of 95% (weight/weight) sucrose candy, for example:

  1. Add 95 g powdered sucrose sugar to a 200 ml glass beaker.
  2. Add 5 g tap water to the beaker.
  3. Stir until a paste is created. Consistency should be similar to soft dough, and it should not ooze.