2.2. Determination of individual bee weight

The fresh weight of an Apis mellifera worker drastically increases during its 21 days of development from an egg weighing about 0.03-0.1 mg to about 120 mg at adult emergence. In contrast, drones reach 277-290 mg after emergence (Hrassnigg and Crailsheim, 2005). Hence, the weight of larvae is, among others factors, important in determining their age (see section 2.5). Obtaining adult and brood of known age; Wang, 1965). Determining the weight of individual honey bees can also be important when assessing the effect of pathogens, parasites or toxins on their development and health or when assessing their nutritional intake. In this section, we describe procedures to obtain fresh weight of immature (see section 2.2.2.), adult honey bees (2.2.3.) or their parts (2.2.4.) as well as dry weight of adults (2.2.5). Larvae or adults collected for later analysis are best stored frozen to prevent desiccation.

2.2.5. Determining dry weight