2.2.4. Weighing body parts

Before establishing the weight of dead honey bees (see section 2.2.3), we suggest separating the body with small scissors into head, thorax (including legs and wings) and abdomen. This allows to roughly ascribe weight deficiencies to one of these body parts. Total dry weight is the sum of all body parts. For example, the fresh weight of the head correlates with the acini-size of hypopharyngeal glands (Hrassnigg and Crailsheim, 1998) and the fresh and dry weight of the thorax is a measure for the development of flight musculature (Brodschneider et al., 2009). Note that the weight of the abdomen is often determined without the gastrointestinal tract, because of the pollen or meconium in it (Hrassnigg and Crailsheim, 2005; Jackson and Hart, 2009).