Marking type

Queens can be marked with a variety of paints or equipped with numbered and coloured Opalith discs on top of the thorax (Fig. 2).

  • Queen marking pens are handy and make queen marking easier (no risk of spilling the bottle with paint or glue), but usually wear off very quickly.
  • Fast drying nail varnishes are also good markers.
  • Model car paint can be used.
  • The longest lasting queen marker is made by mixing a pigment with shellac.
  • Opalith discs (Fig. 2) are commercially available in a variety of colours.
  • A special glue is provided with the discs but partially dried shellac or cyanoacrylate ester glues (e.g. Super Glue®) will serve the same purpose.


Fig. 2. A queen marked with Opalithplättchen. Photo: W Wei.