Procedure for marking with Opalith discs

1.a. Hold onto the legs or thorax of the queen with one hand.

1.b. Alternatively, introduce the queen in a marking tube (Section

2.    Dab the marking stick in the glue.

Only the minimum necessary amount of glue or paint should be transferred onto the stick in order not to smear too much material on the queen’s thorax and other appendages.

3.   Place the glue on the dorsal side of the queen’s thorax applying the glue on an area the size of the disc.

4.   Moisten the opposite end of the marking stick (where there is no glue).

5.   Touch the numbered side of an Opalith disk with this wet end.

  This allows the disc being picked up.

6.    Apply the disc with a slight pressure on the glue.

7.   Give glue ample time to dry before the queen is released into the colony.