Using a mobile feeding station

One may not be successful locating the honey bee nest on the first attempt. You may have lost the beeline, the beeline could have terminated, or you could have reached an obstacle preventing you from continuing on your path. If you get lost while following the path and fail to find the nest, one possible solution is to carry a mobile secondary feeding station with you. Examples of mobile feeding stations include a bee box (see section or another transportable container filled with bait (e.g. a bucket used as a stand and another feeding container like that used for the feeding station).

  1. Return to the original feeding station, set up your mobile feeding station beside it and allow the bees to start foraging from the bait. The bees should begin foraging from it quickly.
  2. Carry the station with the bees with you in the direction of the beeline once you have many foragers on your mobile station.
  3. Stop and let the bees establish a new beeline that you can follow once you reach a considerable distance from the original feeding station. This point can be where you previously lost the beeline.
  4. Repeat this process with your mobile feeding station as many times as necessary until you get close enough to locate the nest.

Sometimes you may even travel beyond the colony and see the beeline from your mobile station heading back the way you came. Now you know that the colony is located between the last stations’ and your current location. It is advisable to carry a bottle of bait while tracking the bees so the mobile feeding station can be replenished.