4.4.5. Recommended dead bee traps to use

We recommend using the Münster trap (Illies et al., 1999, 2002), the underbasket trap (Accorti et al., 1991) and the trap for small hives (Hendriksma and Härtel, 2010). No negative interference with colony activity was reported in these traps. The recovery rates of dead bees in the Münster trap (Illies et al., 1999, 2002) were somewhat lower than some of the other traps (Table 16), but the artificial honey bee mortality resulting from the use of this trap was lower.  As a cheaper alternative, the underbasket trap can be used since it does not interfere with the normal activity of the hive and reportedly has a very good recovery rate of dead bees (Table 16). The small hive trap (Hendriksma and Härtel, 2010) is fairly new in the bee research field, but it has a high potential of being a very successful dead bee trap that is also cost-effective in terms of both construction and maintenance.