Analysis of the first image (BFD 00)

1. Use the command keys in the User’s Manual
   1.1. Standardize the size of the cell
   1.2. Position the mouse and press on the number-pad
       0 - empty cell
       1 - -an egg
       2 – a young larva
       3 - an old larva
       4 - a pupa
       5 - nectar
       6 - pollen
       7 - a dead larva
       8 - non characterised cell (nc)
       A circular mark will be set at the cell area, generating a circular region of interest (ROI).
   1.3. Do so for the number of cells required for the study.
   1.4. Once the selection of the cells is completed, define the two hallmarks.
          The hallmarks should always be the last ROI.
2. Once the ROI and both hallmarks have been selected, the process is finalized by
automated saving the ROI file (AAAAAA_BB_CCD_EE_ROI.zip).

3. Simultaneously a copy of the ROI file is saved in the folder
    AAAAAA_BB_CCD_Archive with a time-stamped name (AAAAAA_   
    BB_CCD_EE_ROI yymmdd_hhmmss.zip; yymmdd_hhmmss corresponds to a date
    and time of the saving).

4. An image file is generated with all selected cells, hallmarks and additional GLP-
    relevant information is “burned” into the image