For all consecutive images (BFD + 05, 10, 16, 22)

 Consecutive images are processed by:

  1. Selecting the hallmarks.
  2. Letting the program transpose the selections from BFD 0.
    The program re-classifies the content of all cells to “nc” (not classified), ensures that previous classifications are not carried forward. The user is forced to a re-classification of the cells. If a cell is classified as “nc” at any of the observation days, than the data of this cell are excluded of all of the subsequent analyses. The event of exclusion is documented, the data are not deleted.
  3. Re-classification of the ROI’s by the user.
    By presenting one cell after the other, the user has to re-classify the cells with the same keys on the number-pad as used for the selection of the cells on the image from BFD00 (see step 3.1. above), with the difference, that the cells are presented by the program and not chosen by the user.