Using a paint brush for collection of fresh pollen

In the case of flowers where pollen is accessible from the outside of flowers e.g. sunflowers and aloes, one can also use a paint brush (Fig. 40; Human and Nicolson, 2006; Nicolson and Human, 2008).

  1. Pick flowers.
  2. Keep the flowers in containers in the laboratory at room temperature.
  3. Use a paint brush to gently brush of pollen from the anthers into a container.
  4. Continue collecting pollen this way on a daily basis until pollen shedding is complete.
  5. Clean collected pollen using sieves (pore sizes 0.119 and 0.0043 cm) to remove anthers, insects, and other debris.
  6. Store collected pollen at -20°C until ready for further testing.


Fig. 40. Using a paint brush to collect pollen. Photo: A Switala.