11.2. DNA methylation in honey bees

So far, four full methylomes (genome-wide methylation patterns) have been generated for Apis mellifera using the following tissues: adult brains of queens and workers and 96 hrs-old queen and worker larval heads (Lyko et al., 2010; Foret et al., 2012). The below protocol describes methylation analyses of DNAs extracted from the dissected brains of 50 age matched active queens and 50 8-day old workers (dissection of clean, gland-free brains is shown at: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/59152790/Brain%20dissection%20Maleszka%20lab.wmv).

A similar protocol was used to generate larval methylomes (Foret et al., 2012) and in principle this procedure should work for any bee tissue and/or life stage from which intact RNA’s can be extracted as below (section 11.3.).