Converting data to MEGA format

Before phylogenetic tests can be run on your sequence data file, it must be converted into a format that MEGA can read, the *.meg file format. 

  1. From the ‘File’ menu in MEGA, select ‘Convert File Format to MEGA…’, browse to your alignment file, select ‘FASTA format’ from the ‘Data Format’ pull down menu, then select ‘OK’. 
  2. A window will open asking for you to specify a name and location for the newly created *.meg file.
    The new file will be created and opened under a tab in the same window next to your open FASTA format file. 
  3. MEGA will warn you to check the file for any errors and adjustments to your *.meg file can be made in this window and saved.
    Details about the *.meg format are available in MEGA.